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Coraline 298
Alias: The little rascals chick.

“Grandma’s missing sister”

Age: 50+ years (post-mortem).
Gender Female.
Status: Deceased, ghost/angel.
Voiced by: Aankha Neal.
Appearances: Movie.

The Sweet Ghost Girl, as described by Coraline Jones, is one of the three ghost children who fell victim to the beldam. Her real name is a mystery, as she does not remember what it is.

Plot Appearance[]


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She was Mrs. Lovat's twin sister in the 1960s, and would've been Wyborn Lovat's great-aunt. A doll that resembles her can be seen in the beginning of the film before being converted to a doll resembling Coraline. So it's implied that she was the most recent (and final) victim for the Other Mother's grasp before Coraline. Her real name is a mystery since she doesn't remember it. When Coraline meets her along with the other ghost children, she asks the girl to find their eyes, since the Beldam had stolen and hidden them.

The Sweet Ghost Girl's eyes are the last ones Coraline needs to find during the game. They were in the circus ball that was used for the Other Mr. Bobinsky's jumping mouse performance. However, Coraline is unable to get them by herself, though The Cat helps her in the last second. After Coraline returns to The Other Mother's living room, the Sweet Ghost Girl tells Coraline that the Beldam will never let her go, even if she wins. When Coraline struggles to close the door, the ghost children help her, severing the Beldam's hand in the process.

The ghost children later appear in Coraline's dream as golden angels. The Sweet Ghost Girl tells Coraline that freeing them was a really good thing, but also warns it was not over for her yet, because the button key still existed and the Beldam would never stop until finding it.

After Coraline drops the key on the old well with Wybie's help, the latter shows a picture of his grandmother as a child and the Sweet Ghost Girl holding the doll. The picture matches with the description Coraline gave him earlier, which made Wybie realize she was telling the truth. Coraline then tells him to bring Mrs. Lovat to her house the next day, so they could tell her together what happened to Mrs. Lovat's twin sister.


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Appearently, the sweet ghost girl's book counterpart was a pale girl with blonde hair, wearing a circlet and she wears a dress that look like spider's webs and wears butterfly wings, as she was the only one with wings in Coraline's dream after winning everyone's freedom. It seems that she used to eat flowers.

Video Game[]

In the game, she appears with the 2 other ghost children. Because the mirror scene is only dialogue based, we have no other information about it throughout the rest of the game. She will also appear when interacting with the mirror in the other world after getting the stone.


  • In the movie, the end credits names this character as "The Sweet Ghost Girl" but, in the movie, Coraline also described the sweet ghost girl as the "little rascals chick with all these ribbons and braids."
  • In the movie, the silhouettes of the three ghost children are seen on the wall of the dining room in the other world, perhaps signifying that they are what the Beldam "dines" on.
  • In the movie, it is likely that the doll resembling Coraline is over a century old, as the Other Mother might have converted it after the Sweet Ghost Girl fell victim to her, and left it with Wybie's grandmother all that time before Wybie gave it to Coraline.
  • In the book, her speech and the words she used might've speculated that she lived during the Victorian Era. She must've been from a rich family and had dreams of becoming a ballerina or working in the theatre because of her dress, the circlet and the wings.