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The Stone

Coraline Jones holding the stone

The stone (known as a hag stone) is a stone with a hole in it , given to Coraline Jones by Miriam Forcible and April Spink. It was given to her because she was in "terrible danger" according to them.

They believed this because they read her tea leaves. Their prediction turns out to be true since Coraline is the Other Mother's newest target.

Plot Appearance[]


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Late in the movie, Coraline Jones used it to find the eyes of The Three Ghost Children. She throws it at a rat that had the third eye, but the rat dodges it and became lost. Later on, The Beldam (Other Mother) revealed she had it and burned it in the fireplace, trying to prevent Coraline from finding her parents.


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The stone was sort of a protective amulet against evil magic. While Coraline Jones has it, it keeps her from falling completely under The Beldam (Other Mother)'s power, and at times the Other Mother seems to be repulsed by it. In both the book and the film, the Stone allows Coraline to find the lost souls of The Three Ghost Children when she looks through the Stone's hole, as a ghostly voice told her to do. In the book, she keeps the Stone with her long enough to return it to Miss Spink and Forcible when she no longer needs it.

Video Game[]

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  • The stone Coraline Jones use may have been a adderstone, an magical item allow the user to see and find magic items and fairy creatures.