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Coraline 199

Coraline and the cat in the other world.

The Other World is a pocket dimension that can be accessed from the door located in the Pink Palace Apartments. The other world is inhabited by the Beldam, also known as the other mother to her victim, but some undesired by the Beldam also have access to the realm, such as the cat.

The beldam has control of the other world, able to create in it wondrous creations to impress and horrors to distraught. But the beldam's control is disputed by other beings, such as the cat, that also have some control of their own.

The beldam, with this control, models the other world in the appearance of the real world but more impressive. For example: The Pink Palace is not decrepit due to age and the garden is alive with lush plant and animal life. The other world, except for constants like that always night-time and the existance of the Pink Palace, likely changes per every new victim introduced as every child has a unique opinion on what is interesting. Additionally, when Coraline Jones attempts to walk away from the other world, the cat follows her and informs her that the beldam only created what she knew would impress Coraline; which is why any paths away from the Pink Palace leads back to the same location.

Nearing the end of the story, the entire other world is scaled back to only the Pink Palace house, which eventually becomes a spider-web in which Coraline falls down.


  • In the first scene with the "other" dining room, on the wall behind Coraline there are 3 silhouette portraits of children. They are actually the silhouettes of the three ghost children that Coraline meets.
  • The flooring, that eventually becomes the spider's web at the end of the movie, is already patterned like the spiderweb all through-out the movie.
  • It is noted that the other mother can only modify objects and people already existing in the real world, but cannot create her own. She also doesn't make anything that goes too far beyond the house, as Coraline discovers in of her attempts to escape.
  • Some suggesting factors implies that the well is a portal to the other world. Wybie states that you can see a sky full of stars in the middle of the day from down the well, it's always night-time with a sky full of stars in the other world. In addition, the well has a fairy ring around it in the movie and popular folklore believes that this indicates a portal to another realm.