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Ghost Boy
Alias: Huck Finn junior.
Age: 100+ years (post-mortem).
Gender Male.
Status: Deceased, ghost/angel.
Voiced by: George Selick.
Appearances: Movie.

The Ghost Boy, as described by Coraline Jones, is one of the three ghost children who fell victim to the beldam. None of the three ghost children remembers who they were or their parents.

Plot Appearance[]


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When Coraline first met him in the book, she couldn't tell whether he was a boy or a girl, but he soon clarifies his gender. However, he too was not certain at first, as it was one of the many things in life he had forgotten. He was the only one, out of the three ghosts , who still remembered his mother despite the fact he remembered nothing else about his life. He talks of his governess and says the tulips have names, one of the few things he remembers. After being trapped inside the mirror, presumably the second child to be trapped in the other world, he is eventually freed by Coraline's help for finding his eyes and bringing it back in the real world. The Beldam put his real eyes in the lever ball of the mechanical praying mantis in the movie, but in the book, she had merely hidden his soul/eye within a plain grey marble found in the bottom of a chest full of mostly magical and sentient toys (the toys at the bottom were just non-magical items because they were the kind of toys kids normally forget about in the bottom of toy chests), thus hidden in plain sight with no protection save for the odds of being overlooked if Coraline didn't have her seeing stone.


  • The character's name might be a reference to Huckleberry Finn.
  • In the movie, the end credits names this character as "The Ghost Boy" but, in the movie, Coraline also described the ghost boy as "Huck Finn junior."
  • In the movie, the silhouettes of the three ghost children are seen on the wall of the dining room in the other world, perhaps signifying that they are what the Beldam "dines" on.
  • In the book, the ghost boy used to live in the Georgian Era, the year when the house was built. It was speculated that he is the first victim of the Other Mother because he talks of his memories like how he used to wear dresses and have long hair, which is a part of a custom called breeching until he is old enough to wear britches and have his hair cut short. He mentions having a governess and playing hoop roll. He must've been from a family of nobility because of his upbringing. This is further proven by his line during Coraline’s dream: “Thou Art Alive, Thou Art Still Living.”