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The Other Wybie was Wyborn Lovat's counterpart in The Other World of the The Beldam (Other Mother) who was on Coraline Jones's side and helped her escape the first time (after her third visit to The Other World), only to be later killed by the Other Mother.


The Other Wybie is shown to be a mute character since The Beldam (Other Mother) sewed his mouth shut so he wouldn't talk and smile all the time, since he really didn't. However, he has heard to make a noise such as shushing (when he tells Coraline Jones to be quiet after her rescues her).

Despite being The Beldam's minion who follows her rules, the Other Wybie was shown to be a kind boy as seen when he decides to save Coraline (who was trapped behind the mirror).

Plot Appearance[]


The Other Wybie first appeared when Coraline Jones comes to The Other World a second time where they eventually became friends and they hung out together at The Other Bobinsky's mouse circus.

After Coraline comes to visit The Other World for the third time, The Other Wybie is seen at the auditorium where the Other Miss Spink and the Other Miss Forcible are performing. After the show, The Beldam (Other Mother), the Other Father and Coraline returned home where the Other Wybie looks sadly and The Beldam turns around and forces him to smile before walking back inside the house, leaving the Other Wybie ouside alone.

As Coraline promises to free the souls of The Three Ghost Children (after The Beldam traps her behind the mirror), the Other Wybie rescues her where he was shown to have his mouth stitched into a smile. After Coraline takes out the strings on his mouth, he immediately takes her to the door and pushes over the giant beetle closet, which alarms The Beldam. Coraline attempts to take the Other Wybie back to her world, but he shakes his head and takes off one of his gloves where it shows that his hand is made out of sawdust as he blows on it and it disintegrates, showing Coraline that he can't survive in her world since he is only a doll and this shocks Coraline. As they hear The Beldam heading downstairs, the Other Wybie sadly looks at Coraline before he quickly pushes her inside the door and closes it behind him. (*This is the last time that the Other Wybie is seen alive.*)

When Coraline goes to retrieve the last Ghost Eye at the Other Bobinsky's mouse circus, she sees the Other Wybie's clothes hanging on a flag pole on top of the Other Mr. Bobinsky's rooftop, which is revealed that The Beldam has learned about the Other Wybie helping Coraline escape and return to her world that she has murdered him for his defiance (open resistance; bold disobedience).

Once Coraline takes The Sweet Ghost Girl’s eye, the last part of the world goes gray and lifeless, which leads to the official end of the Other Wybie's appearance.