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Alias: Grandma.
Age:possibly around 60 years old
Gender Female.
Status: Alive.
Voiced by: Caroline Crawford.
Appearances: Movie.

Mrs. Lovat, otherwise known as Wybie's grandmother, is the owner of the Pink Palace Apartments and the protective grandmother of Wyborn Lovat who only appears at the end of the film. Her first name is a mystery as it is never stated in the film.

Plot Appearance[]


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Before the Pink Palace was separated to apartments, Mrs. Lovat used to live there with her twin sister. But in 1952, her sister mysteriously vanished one day and Mrs. Lovat believed she was "stolen." Her grandson Wyborn Lovat, on the other hand, predicts she possibly ran away.

Still believing that someone in the Pink Palace "stole" her sister, possibly hearing about two other kids (the Tall Ghost Girl and Ghost Boy) who previously lived in that same place mysteriously disappearing before her, and fearing another child might mysteriously disappear upon moving into Palace Palace, Mrs. Lovat moved out of her childhood home, had it divided into three apartments, forbids children in her family to enter it, and refuses to allow any tenants with children to rent its apartments, until The Jones' Family was strangely allowed to reside there.

Even when her twin sister went missing, Mrs. Lovat kept the doll that used to belong to her sister in a trunk, perhaps for sentimental purposes. The doll, which used to look like her sister, was altered by the Beldam to look like Coraline, as seen in the beginning of the film.

It is later revealed that Mrs. Lovat's missing twin sister was tricked into running away and was stolen, by The Beldam when Coraline finds her along with two other children. At the end of the film, Coraline invites Mrs. Lovat and Wybie to the garden party where Coraline tells Mrs. Lovat what really happened to her missing twin sister.


Much like her grandson Wyborn Lovat, Mrs. Lovat was not mentioned in the book. However, a "Mr. Lovat" is mentioned, which may explain the origin of her surname.

Video Game[]

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For most of the film, Mrs. Lovat is just a loud voice calling Wyborn Lovat to come home from afar who Wybie seems to fear. The way Wybie describes her makes her seem like a scary person, and in some ways this seems to be true. She is overprotective of him and presumably scolds him harshly when he worries her. However, it may be because she is only worried about her grandson because she loves him and only wants him safe. It's possible that she also worries that Wybie may suffer the same fate as her twin sister, which is why she doesn't allow him to enter The Pink Palace Apartments.

When Wybie takes her to Coraline Jones' garden party, she talks sternly to him and then greets Coraline with a kind, friendly smile.


These quotes are all said in chronological order.

  • "Wyborn, come home!"
  • "Wyborn, I know where I'm going. I grew up here."


  • Mrs. Lovat's first name is a mystery as it was never revealed.
  • It's unknown why Mrs. Lovat allowed The Jones' Family to reside in The Pink Palace Apartments despite the fact they had a child as a member. Even if she had forgotten to verify, she didn't try to kick them away after they arrived. It's possible the Jones family would not be able to return to Pontiac at the time, or they wouldn't have believed her if she'd told them the place was dangerous for children.
  • It's possible Mrs. Lovat was fully aware of the Beldam and the Other World that led her sister and the two missing children to their fate of being imprisoned, since she was once nearly lost to the Beldam's clutches. This might explain why she wallpapered the small door and hid the key inside the drawers, while also keeping the doll from falling into the wrong hands and refusing to rent the Pink Palace for children, as she didn't want them to share in the same fate as her sister did.