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After Coraline visited The Other World, she and her parents drive to the Department Store which is a clothes shop where Mel and Charlie are talking about the book they're writing. Coraline and Mel go into the store while Coraline is bored and frustrated while Mel is picking out clothes and Coraline's new school uniform.

Coraline department store

Coraline refusing her new school uniform.

While Coraline is sitting down on the stairs she sees two kids playing running down the stairs and is startled. Coraline sees a pair of gloves and wears them to show her mother she wants them but Mel says she can't have them. Coraline says her Other Mother would buy it for her which Mel responds jokingly that she should buy all her clothes. They then drive home.


  • In the book, Mel didn't want to buy the gloves because she thought they were too unusual, but in the movie, she didn't want to buy them because they were expensive, and indeed bought them later after the book was written.