Coraline Wiki

Deleted Scene 1#[]

The first deleted scene is an extended scene where Coraline's real dad is making one of his disgusting dinners for her. Coraline's real mother is arguing about Charlie not backing up his files. Charlie says that it might be just a virus and Coraline says the dinner has a virus. Charlie continues to sing a song to Coraline.

Deleted Scene 2#[]

Coraline come's back in the house and brings dead flowers for her real mom to put them in the new catalog. Coraline see's a bug on one of the flowers and flicks it in the air, landing in Mel's coffee. Mel tells Coraline that her new school that it's for uniforms only, this makes Coraline to groan. Mel gives Coraline a piece of paper for to draw on, the drawings than change to a similar pattern out her window, a used scene shows coraline looking out one of the windows revealing a spiral that may have been the drawing spiral in this deleted scene . The scene would later show Coraline sleeping in bed.

Deleted Scene 3#[]

This scene is an extended scene where Coraline is going to bed, right after she free'd her parents and escaping the Other World. What you see is Charlie has pizza stain on his shirt. Mel throws an octopus toy at Charlie and he acts like he's getting eaten by it.

Deleted Scene 4#[]

This scene is an extended scene where Coraline meets The Ghost Children. The background's for the scene is not complete, but just the animation.

Deleted Scene 5#[]

This scene was originally going to appear at the very end of the credits of the film where the Ribbon Mice dance until they disappear, however Henry Selick (the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline) was worried that some people weren't going to see it.

Deleted Scene 6#[]

These are scenes that were cut from the film.

Miss Forcible: April! Where have you got to?

Mel: Either way, we lost three days and we're barely going to make a deadline now.

Coraline: (Scoffs)

Coraline: (Jumping on the rug and going upstairs and part of the rug comes up)

Coraline: (Runs and stops at the door to the Other World)

Coraline: (Looking around in the room)

Coraline: All these ribbons and braids and... Your grandma's black, right?

Wybie: Yeah.

Coraline: I just met her sister.

Coraline: So you do remember!

Charlie: We knocked their socks right out of the ballpark.